About GreenLink

Organised by the Environmental Campaign Committee and the Environment and Ecology Bureau and funded by the Environment and Conservation Fund, GreenLink - Environmental Education Support Programme aims to provide schools with one-stop services to assist teachers in arranging environmental education activities for students, with the goal of promoting environmental awareness and knowledge of carbon neutrality.

Schools can inquire about available environmental education activities for students through the dedicated hotline, email, and website of GreenLink-EESP, free school activity matching services will be provided. Applicants are welcome to select their interested environmental topics and The Contractor of GreenLink - EESP will provide options of environmental education activities matching their needs and assist the schools with the applications for the activities.

The environmental education activities provided by the programme include thematic talks, field trips, workshops, guided tours, and environmental plays, covering topics such as carbon neutrality, biodiversity, nature conservation, food waste management, and waste reduction and recycling. Students will have the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of environmental issues, cultivate environmental awareness, and learn how to achieve carbon neutrality in their daily lives

In addition, diverse Community Outreach Activities will be organised by The Contractor of GreenLink - EESP at various locations across different districts for schools and the general public to participate in. These activities aim to promote community awareness of the environment. The activity formats include environmental education game booths, workshops, and thematic talks, covering topics such as biodiversity, low-carbon living, food waste management, and waste reduction and recycling. Each activity lasts for 3 to 5 hours, and the total number of participants should be 100 or more.

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